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Digital Electronic Kit (D.E.K)

Ahmad Rizal bin Madar

Name               : Ahmad Rizal bin Madar
Job Title          : Lecturer
e-mail              : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone       : +607-453 8291
Faculty            : Technical Education

Digital Electronic Kit (D.E.K)

This research is carried out to design and produce a teaching aid in a form of educational kit that can be used as a training system to help students understanding the concept of ‘truth table’ in digital electronics. The research also focuses on the functionality and evaluation on the design aspect of the developed product. This experimental based research uses ADDIE model as its design. The electronic parts are developed using Tina 7.0 and Electronic Workbench software. The AutoCAD 2002 software is used to design the casing of the product. This teaching aid supports 18 learning activities. Each activity can be used to test the output of the digital electronics circuit whenever an input is applied to it. The input and output are represented by the ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ condition of the switch and LED. The ‘ON’ condition represent ‘logic 1’ and the ‘OFF’ condition represent ‘logic 0’. The finish product was evaluated based on its design and function using a verification form. The verification result showed that the digital electronics kit function according to the specification and fulfills the criteria of an effective teaching aid. It is also suitable to be used in any group activity.


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