Introduction to Endowment

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Endowment or al waqaf is a form of financial asset which will be donated to a non-profit based institution either in the form of investment fund or capital asset in which the conditions of its usage are predefined by the donor. Most endowment stipulate that any revenue except for the dividend obtained, will be used, and the original donated amount be saved up.
As a new initiative, UTHM invites all benefactors either individual or organization in both public and private sector to donate in any amount or form to help increase the research fund and the development of human capital and technology in this country.
With a taskforce of 1800 human capital in various fields of science and technology, the best infrastructure, individuals or organizations can with the help of UTHM contribute back to the society and the Country as a whole through The UTHM Endowment Funds.


Benefactors’ Benefit

Benefactors are eligible for tax relief under Section 44 (6) of the Income Tax Act 1967. No. Government Gazette dated 30th January 1997. Subject to tax relief limits the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara (LHDN).


Recognition to Benefactors

All UTHM Endowment Fund Benefactors will receive recognition in various forms. Starting with a appreciation certificate, a special area where all the benefactors name will be exhibited, may be invited to the events they are funding, help publicize products, name buildings and roads in the honor of the benefactor, to the highest recognition  like receiving The Honorary degree for their significant contributions to the community and UTHM.


Why Endowment?

Renowned universities place endowment as a crucial element. A University with high endowment has a bright opportunity of acquiring talents, experts and best students. The fund can be used as a scholarship, research grants and equipment for the university’s excellence.



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